Quit your clinical job in 2024 & make more money with less hours worked.


It's time to leverage your experience for a more fulfilling future.

Join the virtual medicine revolution.

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It's time to turn your dream of work-life balance into reality.

Launch a Successful & Profitable TeleMedicine Business

Without sacrificing family time or compromising on your financial goals.

Say goodbye to burnout.

Gain control of your schedule.

Increase your income.

Enjoy quality time with loved ones.

Virtual medicine = more time and flexibility to create a life you love. 

"With the Leveraging Virtual Medicine program, I transitioned fully to telemedicine where I'm now making DOUBLE what I made in my clinical job. My dream job is now my reality, and I have more time than ever with my loved ones."

You may not realize it, but the rigors of residency often imprint a scarcity mindset.

 The constant belief in limited opportunities and fierce competition can be overwhelming.


There is ample opportunity in virtual medicine waiting for you to explore.


All you have to do is begin.

Introducing our EXCLUSIVE Telemedicine Program

You don’t have to be a burnout physician spending more hours in the office than at home. We empower physicians just like you to launch successful telemedicine businesses and reclaim control over their lives.

Imagine having the FREEDOM to prioritize what truly matters to you, while still excelling in your profession.

Does this sound familiar?


Struggling to make it to special family events?

Finding it hard to nurture your hobbies and interests?

Feeling drained at day's end with a pile of notes awaiting you?

Wondering when you'll be able to practice without new demands being handed down from admin every other day? 

Imagine a career in medicine where...


You set your own schedule

You decide who you work with

You make room for family and personal growth

You earn more money working fewer hours

You wake up feeling energized and excited to practice medicine in a way that fits into your life and aligns with your values

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As a physician, it can feel nearly impossible to balance work, family, and health.

We're often tired, stressed, burnt out, and too busy to consider other options. We end up wondering how things got so bad.

I was there in 2015. My husband and I realized that something needed to change. We had sacrificed our marriage for our careers. I pivoted out of my busy clinic practice with the help of my husband and built a telemedicine business that doubled my income in half the time. 

I’m passionate about helping physicians gain the confidence and knowledge to successfully transition away from burnout and overwhelm to the life they’ve always wanted to live. 

A life with more freedom, more choice, and more joy.

What’s possible with virtual medicine?

  • Clinical Telemedicine Practice
  • Leadership Roles
  • Medical Advisor/ Consulting
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Insurance Companies
  • And more!

What’s Inside 

From Here to There: Leveraging Virtual Medicine

This 10-week program combines the power of on-demand educational modules, weekly group accountability and mindset coaching, guest speakers and individual personalized assessments and 1:1 calls. Also included are tactical weekly action steps and checklists to get your Telemedicine business launched.


Welcome & Apply for State Licensing

First things first. The first step is to apply for multi-state licensing so you can get started. This takes a little time so this pre-training will give you the exact steps that will get you started. 

Week One

Set Goals & Pave the Way for a New Career

Craft a fresh vision, devise a personalized Telehealth Professional Action Plan, revamp your CV, and explore your strengths with the DISC profile.

Week Two

Build Your Business Foundations

You will learn how to think like a business owner. You will set up your business structure and determine what support you will need to run your telehealth business. 

Week Three

The Economy of Telemedicine & Telemedicine Law

You will learn how to set up your day-to-day telemedicine business, plus learn the legal considerations you need to stay compliant. 

Week Four

Build Your Dream Practice (Eliminate Burnout & Limiting Beliefs)

You will learn how to build your dream practice and learn how it will help you eliminate burnout to continue to move forward.

Week Five

Telehealth Nuts & Bolts

You will learn how to set up your workspace and the systems you need to deliver telehealth activities. You will learn about the types of telemedicine visits and the activities and tools for practicing telemedicine.

Week Six

Patient Safety & the Appropriate Use of Telemedicine

You will learn how to perform the day-to-day telehealth activities that allow you to treat your patients. Included in this week, we will help you plan your schedule and work time.

Week Seven

Productivity & Mindset Business Ownership

You will help you learn how to manage your schedule and teach you how to adopt a business owner versus an employee mindset.

Week Eight


You will master the art of your mind health. You will also learn from a guest speaker who has started her own telemedicine practice.

Week Nine

The Future of Telehealth

You will learn about the future of telehealth as experts at the center of Telehealth and e-Health law.

Week Ten

Wrap-up and What's Next in Non-clinical careers

You will learn about additional non-clinical careers from a guest speaker and we will CELEBRATE your progress.

Featuring Guest Speakers:

Christa Natoli: CTeL (Center of Telehealth and EHealth Law)

Chelsea Turgeon MD Dream Practice: Burnout & Beliefs

Kristen Miranda: Leadership in Virtual Medicine 

Sara Crystal: Specialty Care in Telemedicine

Joe McMenamin: Telemedicine Law

Chris Sweet: Malpractice- ProAssurance

Cindy Dillard: Small Business Accountant 


Cindy Zelis MND MBA: Physician executive, Executive Coach and expert in digital health


Tahlia Weiss, MD PhD FACS FSVS: Deconstructing contract negotiation 

John Jurica MD:  Medical Director, Blogger, Certified Physician Executive and Best known for his Non-clinical careers Podcast.

Medical Licensing Specialist with 15+ years of experience in Medical Licensing and Credentialing

Kyle Claussen: CEO Resolve - Contract Review & understanding Physician compensation data

This program doesn't just guide you on launching a virtual medicine practice;


it reshapes the very fabric of your personal and professional identity, revealing a world of limitless potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t go at it alone.


Join us and your peers in the From Here To There: Leveraging Virtual Medicine program!

Our focus shifted to our core values of family and sustainability. Now I help other physicians make the leap to telemedicine. 

I’m passionate about helping physicians gain the confidence and knowledge to successfully transition away from burnout and overwhelm to the life they’ve always wanted to live.  A life with more freedom, more choice, and more joy.

In my 10-week one-of-a-kind telemedicine course, you will develop the tools, skills, and confidence to carve out a path of your own—a path that allows you to LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS. 

Cherisa & Alex Sandrow

Enrollment for From HERE to THERE: Leveraging Virtual Medicine is CLOSED until Spring 2024.

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