$3,240.00 USD

1:1 Coaching with Cherisa 6-pk Bundle

We all have those moments that make us stop and consider what value we place on our lifestyle. Maybe it’s the distance from a loved one, the joy of milestones, or simply the beauty of a scenic view.”

Why Coaching

1. It's now recognized as an Evidence-based intervention
2. Because we all, Don’t know what we don’t know
3. The investment in yourself, will be the biggest investment you ever make.
4. Because if not this year, you’ll be one year further away from a path you might actually want to be on…and you’ll be one year older
4. It's a CME expense for this year
5. Depending upon your business structure, it might be a considerable tax deduction, so you might want to pay for it this year.

 What you'll get:

  •  6 - 60-minute 1:1 coaching session(s) via Zoom
  •  Gain clarification(s) on the value you place on the most important aspects of your life, and lifestyle choices.
  •  An outside perspective, with the sole purpose of you experiencing how to become more from within.

We all have that little voice telling us that something’s missing. Often enough we’re missing the chance to focus on the things that – ultimately – mean the most to us.

NOTE: While life happens, and there are unforeseen circumstances that arise, cancellations must be made 24 hours before the scheduled coaching session. If a cancellation takes place within the 24-hour window, it is up to the discretion of your coaches whether that meeting can be rescheduled or not.