$1,620.00 USD

LifeShift Coaching Program

This personalized program is for those who know that they are at a career crossroads and are ready to break free from the status quo. Our 3-session coaching package offers a deep dive into your strengths, values, skills, and personality. 

  • Session 1 (90 minutes with Cherisa and Alex): Embark on a journey of self-discovery and strategic planning, where Cherisa and Alex help you unravel your story, align your career with your core values, and envision a future filled with possibilities.

  • Session 2 (60+ minutes with Cherisa): Deep dive into personal branding and resume transformation with Cherisa, tailoring your professional narrative to reflect your authentic self and stand out in the digital health industry.

  • Session 3 (60+ minutes with Alex): Alex guides you through the YouMap results, unlocking a deeper understanding of your unique strengths and crafting actionable steps for impactful first impressions and career advancement.

*Please note that sessions 2 and 3 may be swapped dependent on your personal needs.

For sessions 2 and 3, we allow a 30 minute cushion for breakthroughs and anything that may come up during the initial coaching, so please plan for a maximum of 90 minutes. 

Let us guide you in crafting a fulfilling career path that truly reflects who you are and the life you wish to live.