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Welcome to Sandrow Consulting

Where Medicine Meets Holistic Happiness

We believe in balancing professional excellence with personal well-being, crafting stories of success that go beyond the conventional.

Meet the Team

Dr. Cherisa Sandrow

My transformation began eight years ago, moving from a high-stress, office-based practice to a flourishing virtual medicine career.

Leveraging my husband's entrepreneurial acumen, we redesigned my professional path, doubling my income while halving my working hours. The COVID-19 pandemic, while challenging, opened new opportunities for me. I embraced my passion for leadership and became a certified John Maxwell Coach and Trainer.

My commitment goes beyond just career advice. I'm passionate about reigniting the inspiration within physicians and guiding them to become beacons of hope in their communities. Whether you're rediscovering your "why," aligning with your core values, or seeking more from life, I'm here to guide you toward your version of freedom.

Alex Sandrow

As a former chiropractic sports medicine physician and multidisciplinary clinic owner, my approach has always been holistic. "First move well, then move often" is more than a mantra; it's a lifestyle. My belief in "Food as Medicine" reflects my deep roots in functional nutrition and medicine.

Having navigated the all-too-common burnout in medical practice, I've developed a keen focus on mental wellness and personal development. My philosophy, "Consciousness brings Choice," underlines the power of introspection and guided questioning in shaping our lives.

With over a decade of entrepreneurship and leadership development experience, I bring innovative thinking to our team. I'm devoted to helping physicians explore their inner selves, unlock their potential, and showcase their best to the world.

Our Mission:

Rewriting the Narrative of Medical Careers

At Sandrow Consulting, we don't just adjust career trajectories; we transform lives. Our approach is rooted in understanding your unique narrative, embracing your professional aspirations, and aligning them with your values and goals. We're not just coaches; we're your partners in creating a fulfilling life in and out of medicine.

When you work with Sandrow Consulting, you step into a world where medicine is more than a profession – it's a pathway to a life filled with joy, autonomy, and purpose.


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