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Financial Residency Podcast
Leveraging Virtual Medicine with Dr. Cherisa & Alex Sandrow
The StressFreeMD Podcast with Dr. Robyn Tiger
Cherisa and Alex Sandrow: Healthcare Coaches and Consultants Helping Doctors to Avoid Burnout by Starting Telehealth Careers

The REHAB podcast with Dr. Mark Leeds
Create a Life with Freedom of Time, Place, and Means 
Physician NonClinical Careers Podcast with John Jurica 
Designing a Flexible Career to Fit Your Lifestyle with Dr. Cherisa Sandrow
The Life after Medicine Podcast with Chelsea Turgeon
How Do I Generate Awesome Income with Telemedicine Services? 
NonClinical Physicians Mastermind with John Jurica
Leveraging Telemedicine to Recover From Burnout with Dr. Cherisa Sandrow
Life After Medicine Podcast with Chelsea Turgeon
Telemedicine, Working with your spouse, free agent MDs & more with Alex & Cherisa
Limitless MD Podcast with Vikram Raya